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access facebook in china on windowsAs China gets in the news more and more these days, so do the number of people coming to live, work, and travel in China.  There are many great thing about this place, but one of the real let-downs is Internet censorship.  For expats and travelers that come from countries that believe in the freedom of speech and press, it's a very strange concept to have news, video, and even ideas banned from general society.  But on Chinese turf, we've got to play by Chinese rules…sort of.

The thing is that many of the sites that are blocked in China – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more are more than just a means of wasting time on the Internet. They're about real communication, meeting people with common interested, and  while were away from home they're about keeping in touch with friends and family.  We're not trying to overthrow the government, we just want to see what's going on back at home.

To access Facebook in China on Windows operating systems, you've got basically three choices.  First, you can choose between a web based proxy and a virtual private network. As far as virtual private networks, you can choose between SSTP and OpenVPN.

Web Based Proxies

facebook in chinaPros

  • No Installation
  • Cheaper than VPNs
  • Can be used on mobile phones as well
  • Can be used at work, school, public computers


  • Can't access Hulu/Netflix
  • Can't choose server location
  • Must use secure browser
  • Only encrypts browser

Virtual private networks


  • Encrypts all programs, software, and Internet browsers
  • SSL encryption means better security and anonymity
  • More reliable connections
  • Can access Hulu/Netflix/Pandora/BBC iPlayer
  • Can choose server locations


  • Must be installed
  • Limited to one device per license

If you're going with a VPN, you can choose SSTP or OpenVPN.  Both use SSL encryption, so they'll both make you completely invisible to Big Brother or any other spies online.  SSTP is limited to Vista and Win 7 users (it's a Microsoft product), while OpenVPN can be used on Mac OS/X, all Windows operating systems, and Linux.  Most VPN providers will have OpenVPN available, while SSTP is only available at select providers.

12vpn in chinaFor OpenVPN, your best choice is 12VPN. They're in Hong Kong so sympathetic to the China situation, and tend to have faster updates when China gets it's panties in twist and starts blocking VPNs.  They're also cheaper than other services, and have a great support team.


To access Facebook in China on Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can use SSTP.  For users in China, you've got to account for some VPN providers being blocked, so one of your only choices is with PureVPN. They're a great service, and have experienced no issues, even after March 2011 when many VPN services had their main domains blocked in China.  Opt for the 30GB plan and you'll pay less.


securitales in chinaIf you want a proxy to access Facebook and other sites on Windows, then SecuriTales is the way to go.  As one of the only web based proxy services in China, they've got a super fast and reliable service.  I wouldn't recommend anything else, especially because they've got a free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee.



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access youtube in chinaYouTube isn't just one of those blocked sites in China. While at the beginning, YouTube was just used by a bunch of college kids trying to be funny and impress their friends with silly videos online, it's turned into one of the most important online tools available. After Google bought YouTube a few years back, anyone can see that the first or second result for just about any search term is a YouTube video.

You can see videos of your favorite start, you can learn new talents, you can fix you computer, and even see what's happening around the world. Any professional website has videos imbedded in the posts to give readers a clearer picture of what their article is talking about – an all of this is available for free.

When you can't access YouTube in China, it's not just that you can't go to the website and search for videos.  It means that any website that has YouTube video imbedded in it, you're unable to view. It means that some web pages won't load because of keywords that may be contained in the video. It means that a large portion of your Google search results are just unavailable.

If you have a business, the you know the importance of video blogging and YouTube as a tool to get people to your site.   Placing second (after the US) for number of Internet users in the country is China.  When users can't access YouTube in China, they can't access your site, and you lose business.

For expats in China who want to keep up on world events, you're out of luck as well. YouTube is as much of a news site as anything else, and even written blogs feature YouTube videos of important events around the world.

This is why you need to access YouTube in China.

proxy for youtube in chinaFor smartphone users in China, it's easiest to use a web based proxy.  There's no installation necessary, and to access YouTube in China you just type the YouTube URL into the secure browser and you're ready to go. It's a cheap and quick solution.

The web based proxy I use is called SecuriTales. It's only $6 a month, and it's fast.  I don't thing there's a lot of options when it comes to proxies in China – I shopped around and didn't find much.  SecuriTales is the way to go.

12vpn youtube in chinaIt's also possible to get a VPN for your smartphone.  It's all a bit complicated because certain areas of China block PPTP and L2TP protocols, so services like 12VPN have got to get a bit creative.  12VPN uses pure IPsec to unblock sites in your iPhone, and something called L2TP IPSec PSK for Android. It's confusing, I know, but trust them – they know what they're doing. Let them know you're in China – they're based in Hong Kong and know how to get you around The GFW, whatever your device is.

For Mac, Windows, and Linux users, it's much simpler.  You can use a proxy to access YouTube in China on your computer, but I'd suggest something a bit more reliable and secure.  OpenVPN is the way to go.  In combination with SSL encrytpion, it's pretty much indestructable,and it the best weapon you can have against The GFW.  Most services have this available, but not all VPN websites in China are accessible.  Many have had their main domains blocked.  Some have secondary domains, which I'll provide you with here.

12VPN – (mirror site for China)

Panda Pow (mirror domain) –


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great firewall of chinaChina is popular for Kung Fu, knock-off Louis Vuitton bags, the most recent Olympics, and of course for internet censorship and The ‘Great Firewall of China’, which keeps blocking websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. We here are locked in constant battle to access blocked sites in China.

The only easy way to access blocked sites in China without getting busted by your ISP is using a web based proxy or virtual private network.

Virtual Private Networks

It is preferable for some users to use VPNs instead of proxies because VPNs are 100% reliable and the safest approach to unblock web sites anywhere. They encrypt your entire connection for security, and they don’t get blocked daily. While a proxy only secures your browsing experience, a virtual private network will also change the IP address for any applications or software running on your computer.  Once you're connected to the VPN, you can open Firefox, surf Facebook and Youtube, close it, play Warcraft with an American IP address, close it, open up Google Chrome, watch a Hulu video, close it….you get the idea.  You don't have to sign in and out of the VPN. The security that VPNs offer also protect you from online spies, or other users who are sharing an internet connection with you.

There are a lot of VPN services to choose from. Unfortunately, many are blocked. And many just suck.  There are two VPN services I recommend to access blocked sites in China.

12vpn unblock sites in chinaThe first one is 12VPN.  With their headquarters located in Hong Kong, they're close to the action. The have personal experience with The Great Firewall, and have a huge Chinese user-base.  One thing I've discovered is that a lot of VPN services claim to have fast speeds and work great in China, but with no ACTUAL experience, they can only depend on user reviews.  For many users, it's their first time using a VPN, so they don't know the difference. 12VPN's experience is China is one thing that makes them superior.

12VPN Main Site:

They're also cheap – at $79 USD a year ($6.5 USD / Month), they're one of the cheapest out there.  Along with simple installation and a friendly support team, they're a great choice for users wanting to unblock sites in China.


For a full list, go to


Web Based Proxies

Still other users prefer to use web based proxies to access blocked sites in China. The do offer some things that VPN's cannot. One, is that you can use one license on many devices. Because there's no installation, it access blocked sites in chinameans there's no record of where and when you're using it.  Check your Gmail in the morning on your laptop at home.  Surf Facebook on your phone while you wait for the bus to work. Watch Youtube videos when you boss isn't looking at work.  You can also use it on iPhone / Android phone and iPad / Android Tablet, which you can't do with a VPN (in China at least)

The best web based proxy by which you can access blocked sites in China is Securitales. It requires no installation and it comes at an affordable  price. It works on all operating systems. The fact that its fast, cheap and reliable doesn't isn't the only thing that makes it the best web based proxy out there.  Take a look at some of the other proxy services out there an you'll immediately notice a difference in professionalism.  You need nothing less  than AWESOME to do battle with The GFW – and this is the kind of service and support that Securitales can provide.


web based proxy in china

**Free proxies should be avoided as many of them are run by hackers or government agencies. Not all, but are you willing to take the risk?  How do you know what they're going to do with your IP data? They are also a well-known source of spam. Sure, they might allow you to access blocked sites in China, but did you notice all those spam emails you've been getting recently?


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get on facebook in chinaFacebook is no doubt the world’s most popular social networking site. It has more than 750 million active users and it has attracted traffic from sites all over the net including other social media sites like MySpace, Orkut etc.  It's an important tool for businesses. It's helped people find jobs, and  gotten them fired. It's made and broken relationships. Facebook has changed the way people surf the internet.

After the events that led to the blocking of Facebook and other social media sites in China, the Chinese people feel the desperate need to stay connected with their friends and family via Facebook. But how can they get on Facebook in China when their ISP and government agencies are trying their very best to stop them from doing so? The answer is just two simple techniques; Proxies and VPNs.

Accessing Facebook in China in a nutshell:

Web Based Proxy:

One of the best solutions in the market is by using Securitales which is a Web Based Proxy site. With it you can easily get on Facebook in China, it requires no installation, works on all platforms and it has satisfied customers from all over China. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube Twitter or Gmail, blocked websites will no longer be a problem for you.

securitales get on facebook in chinaAdvantages of using Securitales web based proxy to get on Facebook and other blocked sites

  • FREE trial
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • No installation means you can get started now
  • It's only $6 a month (36 RMB)
  • Once license can be used on your phone, personal laptop, and work/school computers

free proxies in china~~~Free Proxies~~~

Most users want to get on Facebook in China by using free proxies as you don’t need to pay anything.  Free stuff is cool. I know. But as a word of warning from experience – accessing blocked websites by using free proxy services is a waste of time and a bit risky. Most of the free proxy sites are either already blocked or they are being run by hackers/government agencies to monitor or infect your computer/IP address.  Ok, so that's the worst that can happen, and to honest, it normally won't. 

HOWEVER – you will waste a lot of time

  1. Looking for free proxies that actually work
  2. Finding a free proxy that's fast enough to connect to sites reliably (especially for streaming video)
  3. Dealing with advertisements/pop-ups
  4. But some of them do work, so it's up to you.

Virtual Private Networks:

Using VPNs is one of the best and safest ways to get on Facebook in China. They provide full encryption which ensures your privacy.  Think of a VPN as kind of a pimped up proxy.  They'll protect your traffic going to and coming from the server located outside China, so on the off-chance that someone is trying to track you, they won't be able to. 12VPN is one of the the most widely used VPN services for users who want to get on Facebook in China.  It's popular among expats and especially Chinese users in particular because of the simplicity of the setup.  There's not a lot of bells and whistles with 12VPN.

12vpn get on facebook in chinaWhat's great about 12VPN

  • It's simple – Mac or PC, US VPN or World VPN
  • It's cheap – $79
  • It's fast (I use it)
  • Its guaranteed (7 day trial period)


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proxy for facebook in chinaWho living in China would not want to know about proxies? Especially when it comes to knowing about a proxy for Facebook in China . Every passing day, the Chinese Government is adding to their list of already blocked websites. It was a dark day in many a Chinese internet addict’s life when Facebook was blocked by the Great Firewall of China. Sure we mourned; we shed a virtual tear or so. But, there was no way that anything was going to keep Facebook out of the hands of the Chinese people for long. So began the quest for the proxy for Facebook in China.

Proxy websites:

Proxy websites saved the Chinese from facing virtual seclusion. After searching for a solution to the problem that had arisen thanks to the Chinese Government’s efforts to keep people in line, I finally came across Securitales. It is an excellent proxy for Facebook in China.

great firewall of chinaMany free proxies are also out there. But, like most other free things in life, they are of a very poor and have untrustworthy quality. Most are run by hackers and will infect your computer in a gruesome manner. The occasional non-fatal free proxy for Facebook in China usually have terrible service. So, the best option is always a paid proxy for Facebook in China .VPN's also provide a good service but a proxy for Facebook in China is better for a number of reasons.


  • No installation needed
  • Works on both computers and phones
  • Works at school and work
  • They take care of any updates
  • Free Trial

How Securitales works:

Securitales is one of the best proxy websites in China. Its service is always up to the mark and they make sure their customers are always happy by providing top-notch service. The most important thing is the speed and reliability of the proxy, but service counts for a lot – especially considering that you are definitely going to run into issues with The GFW sooner or later. It helps bypass the servers which are responsible for blocking different websites in China.

What it does is, is that it helps you sneak around the barrier that the Firewall has setup and protects you from getting caught. It does not require the installation of any software, like many other proxy servers and VPN out there. The first time you use it, you can always pick the trial version. It lasts for a month and has the same quality as the subscription version, After using the trial version as a proxy for Facebook in China, you will be hooked for life or until China re-thinks its strategy for Facebook. So for a minor ($6) subscription fee, you can log in to your account, chat with your friends, use apps, do everything you normally would. The best part being that using a proxy for Facebook in China is safe and healthy for your computer.


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