facebook in china on mac os/xMost of the people in China use Microsoft Windows XP or now Win 7, but there are a large percentage of Hong Kong hipsters and well-to-do Chinese who just can't get enough of iPhone, iPad, and of course Mac.  There are however, thousands of foreigners in China who use who use Mac OS/X.  Traveling to China with Mac in hand seems to be the trend these days.

It's no news that Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites in China are blocked. It's been happening since 2009. Chinese people  and Foreigners alike still use these sites to contact friends and families living on the other side of The GFW.  But how do they access Facebook on Mac OS X. The Mac OS/X? users can access Facebook by using proxies or virtual private networks.  While SSTP VPN can only be installed on Windows 7, other popular VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP, and SSL/OpenVPN can be installed on all Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.  Web based proxies add the advantage of being able to be used on both laptop OS as well as smart phones like iPhone and Android phones.

Both proxies and VPNs change the IP address of your Internet connection device or browser, give you an IP outside of China. This means that both your Chinese ISP and the site you browse won't know your real location, and you'll be able to surf restricted sites.

How to access Facebook on Mac OS X using a web based proxy

facebook on macAs I mentioned above, web based proxies offer a number of advantages over virtual private networks

  • No installation
  • Can be used on computers and phones
  • One license can be used on several devices
  • Can be accessed from work, school, home, and public computers
  • Cheaper
  • Updates are automatic

is pretty much king of the castle in China.  There are a number of reasons users prefer Securitales to access Facebook and other blocked sites on Mac OS/X

  • securitales access facebook mac osxThere's a FREE TRIAL
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • It's trusted provider*
  • It's been operating in China for many years
  • It's not blocked


*Remember, that if you don't know who's behind your proxy service, they may use your IP for spam of phishing schemes.

How to access Facebook in China on Mac OS/X using a VPN

Instead of using proxy servers, using VPNs may be better option for some Mac users. Here are some advantages you gain when using a VPN

  • hulu with vpnThey're more secure and reliable than proxies.
  • Encrypt and tunnel software and applications running on your computer (not just your browser)
  • Can be used for gaming
  • Can be used for P2P file transfers
  • Faster downloads and streaming
  • Can access Hulu and Netflix

12vpn access facebook mac osxI recommend 12VPN to access blocked websites in China on Mac OS/X. Why?

  • It's cheap ($79 USD for one year = $6.5 USD per month)
  • It's fast and reliable
  • Headquarters in Hong Kong*
  • Simple site and shopping cart means check-out is a breeze
  • Not blocked in China
  • Friendly staff


* Understanding how China blocks sites, and what REALLY works inside The GFW is very important.

facebook in chinaI use a VPN because I find it's more convenient.  I just turn it on, and forget about it.  Other programs I run on my computer also use the non-Chinese IP address, and I don't have to worry about opening a special browser to unblock sites.  When I communicate with other people through Skype, chat, and make other business transactions, I don't have to worry about my Chinese IP affecting my integrity (There are TONS of hacks originating from China recently)

That's not to say that web based proxies shouldn't be considered for Mac OS/X users.  With no installation necessary and a simple secure browser to unblock sites, you can be up and running much faster than with a VPN.  Also, VPN protocols for phones (L2TP and PPTP) are blocked in China, so iPhone hipsters don't have a choice.


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